Glossaries and Codes

AMS - American Meteorological Society - a massive (often technical) glossary with 12,000+ terms
US National Weather Service - NOAA
US NSIDC - National Snow and Ice Data Center

SYNOP code - interpretation guide, including present weather codes and cloud type codes
Surface Weather Plot Symbols - NOAA
Present Weather Symbols

The Beaufort Wind Scale - reference table including photos, via NOAA/NWS

Decoding Radiosonde Code - with examples.

Articles and Publications

MetService Blog

Te Ara: Encyclopedia of NZ - Climate and Atmosphere

Wikipedia - Atmospheric Scieces Portal
» with Meteorology and Climatology categories

AMS Journals Online - American Meteorological Society

Nature - International weekly journal of science

[see also the Seasonal & Climate page for more climate change/global warming links]

Time - simple site with a BIG clock! also world clocks, sun rise/set times and computer time offset
Worldtime Buddy - customisable list of locations
The Time Now
World Time Server
Time and

Tip: use Google Search: eg "time in utc" or "time in Sydney", or for sunrise/sunset try something like "sunrise in Wellington"


Google Maps - fully interactive map for New Zealand, including terrain
» with NZ Mountain Passes and Roads map containing markers and summit heights
Bing Maps - Microsoft's interactive map service
OpenStreetMap - The Free Wiki World Map

NZ Council Boundary maps - with images for: North Island and South Island

LINZ Topographic Maps - including 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 scale maps of New Zealand
LINZ Marine Charts
New Zealand Topographic Map ( - with a nice search and coord tool

NZ Charts - marine charts, currently North Island only - zoom and pan similar to Google maps (req. Silverlight)

Koordinates - a wealth of GIS map data for overlay on a Google Map with free downloads

Lonely Planet
Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection - from the University of Texas

Cycle Route - great site for plotting routes and elevation profiles
Great Circle Path - to measure the distance between two points, also similar via Free Map Tools: how far is it between or measure distance
Azimuthal Equidistant Proj. Map Server - make great circle maps
Draw radius circles on a map
Radius around a point - via Free Map Tools
Map Tunneller - Antipodes Map, also similar via Free Map Tools

Convert Lat/Long in Deg/Min/Sec to/from Decimal